Our high-quality curved products are used by many branches.

For example:

Window Construction

The complete palette of norm windows and window special
forms from all leading systems are welded and although
deseamed and attached. We construct arches, arch-framework
(welded and deseamed), commercial arch windows (welded,
deseamed and attached), circular and pivot windows an all


Aluminium Windowsills
We bend windowsills in all desired radii.

Sliding-folding Doors
We also produce sliding-folding doors after your demands.

Store Construction
We offer the complete palette of curved profiles for store
construction. You find our products worldwide in supermarkets,
self-service department stores, department stores and other
retail stores. Profiles are bend at your wishes for innovative
creations of shelves, sales counters, cash and checkout areas.

Reference examples:
stainless steel railing
curved profiles for price tags

Furniture Industry
We have made ourselves an excellent name through our bended
profiles as a supplier to the funiture industry. Our profiles are
available in all desired radii and can be used for all purposes.


Products for Landscape Gardening
Landscape gardening uses more and more bended profiles for
fences and climbing aids. We are the perfect partner for those


Automotive Demands
Precision profiles are produced for car manufaturers and suppliers.

Innovative forms like curved profiles are used more and more at
the caravan construction. We manufacture as an example, profiles
for caravan conversions.

Reference examples:
frame for caravan roof

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering means high-quality precision work.
We are the expert.


Refrigerator Machines and Cooling Units
We manufacture the curved special profiles for every kind of
refrigerator machine and cooling unit.


Production of plafonds Ceiling Systems
The plafonds ceiling systems our curved profiles are used.

Custom Made Products
At your demand we bend and curve products individually for you.
Give us a try!